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Deaconate Ordination of Beniata Bakatete, Epeli Lutua and Robati Tebaiuea

posted 19 May 2016, 16:58 by MSCPU UDATESNEWS
On the 8th of May, 2016, the deaconate ordination of Deacon Beniata Bakatete MSC, Deacon Robati Tebaiuea MSC and Deacon Epeli Lutua MSC took place at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva.

The Cardinal, Soane Patita Mafi from Tonga ordained them in the absence of Bishop Peter Loy who is not well. There were 10 of them (deacons) altogether.

Cardinal Soane emphasized in his homily the importance of the call to service by proclaiming the word of God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit (Sacraments and prayer) and ministering the needs of the people of God (charity). A call to serve and not to be served." But never forget that walking in the footsteps of Jesus we must first be servants - servants of the people and servants of God,” he said.

The celebration went very well. A wonderful and beautiful singing was led by St Agnes Parish. We thank Fr Lopeti Manu MSC and the choir members of St Agnes Parish for making the efforts to sing prayerfully during the ordination. The family members of the newly ordained deacons and all our MSC confreres as well as many from our MSC parishes got together at Wailoku Formation Centre for lunch and some entertainment in the afternoon. We congratulate our newly ordained deacons and wish them all the best in their ministry of service in the Church.