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posted 30 Nov 2016, 23:36 by Robati Tebaiuea MSC   [ updated 1 Dec 2016, 00:08 ]
FORMATION - Br Kaake Ioane MSC (Director of Formation), Fr Lomano Kauvaetupu MSC (Novice Master), Br Tebweao Antonio MSC (Pre-Novitiate) and Fr Lopeti Manu MSC (PU Vocation Director). 
Session of Day Four began with the prayer and selected text led by Fr Joseph Kanimea MSC. He is also the chairperson of the day. The Pacific Union have three main Formation centres: Pre-Novitiate, Novitiate and Post-Novitiate. Both Pre-Novitiate and Novitiate resided at Wainadoi and the Post-Novitiate resided at Wailoku, Fiji. 

Fr Joseph Kanimea MSC (Chairperson of Day 4) ... Br Tebweao Antonio MSC (Pre-Novitiate Director) ........Fr Ponevetura Luatuanuu MSC (Post-Novitiate Formator)

Fr Lomano Kavaetupu MSC (Novice Master)             Fr Lopeti Manu MSC (Vocation Director)                              Br Iobi Aroito MSC (SMC Teacher) 

Fr Patrick Teitiaua MSC has been elected by the PU Chapter as delegate member to the General Chapter 2017. Fr Keleto Lemo MSC was also elected as the substitute. Fr Tamati Sefo MSC (Pacific Union Superior) and Fr Patrick Teitiaua MSC (1st Councilor) 
Br Iobi casts his vote for the General Chapter

Frs Chris MacPhee and Patrick Teitiaua (delegate to the General Chapter           Fr Tamati Sefo (Chaired the delegate election)

 LAY Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
There is a name that makes us one family - "Chevalier Family." This family made up of four group - MSC, DOLSH (OLSH sisters), MSC Sisters and the Lay MSCs. 
 Members of Lay MSCs in Fiji (St Agnes Parish) presented before the Chapter their life, work, vision and mission, challenges, strengths, etc.  Although they are few but they have shown how courageous in carrying out the same Charism and Spirituality entrusted to them. The members of the Chapter expressed their gratitude and assured them of their full support and prayers. "You are not working for us, you are working with us. You are part of our family," one of the reactions from the members of