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FORMATION - Br Kaake Ioane MSC (Director of Formation), Fr Lomano Kauvaetupu MSC (Novice Master), Br Tebweao Antonio MSC (Pre-Novitiate) and Fr Lopeti Manu MSC (PU Vocation Director). 
Session of Day Four began with the prayer and selected text led by Fr Joseph Kanimea MSC. He is also the chairperson of the day. The Pacific Union have three main Formation centres: Pre-Novitiate, Novitiate and Post-Novitiate. Both Pre-Novitiate and Novitiate resided at Wainadoi and the Post-Novitiate resided at Wailoku, Fiji. 

Fr Joseph Kanimea MSC (Chairperson of Day 4) ... Br Tebweao Antonio MSC (Pre-Novitiate Director) ........Fr Ponevetura Luatuanuu MSC (Post-Novitiate Formator)

Fr Lomano Kavaetupu MSC (Novice Master)             Fr Lopeti Manu MSC (Vocation Director)                              Br Iobi Aroito MSC (SMC Teacher) 

Fr Patrick Teitiaua MSC has been elected by the PU Chapter as delegate member to the General Chapter 2017. Fr Keleto Lemo MSC was also elected as the substitute. Fr Tamati Sefo MSC (Pacific Union Superior) and Fr Patrick Teitiaua MSC (1st Councilor) 
Br Iobi casts his vote for the General Chapter

Frs Chris MacPhee and Patrick Teitiaua (delegate to the General Chapter           Fr Tamati Sefo (Chaired the delegate election)

 LAY Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
There is a name that makes us one family - "Chevalier Family." This family made up of four group - MSC, DOLSH (OLSH sisters), MSC Sisters and the Lay MSCs. 
 Members of Lay MSCs in Fiji (St Agnes Parish) presented before the Chapter their life, work, vision and mission, challenges, strengths, etc.  Although they are few but they have shown how courageous in carrying out the same Charism and Spirituality entrusted to them. The members of the Chapter expressed their gratitude and assured them of their full support and prayers. "You are not working for us, you are working with us. You are part of our family," one of the reactions from the members of 

CHAPTER 2016: DAY 3, 29th November

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APOSTOLATES AND MINISTRIES: Parishes, Schools, MPS (Maria Printing Services), Chevalier Hostel, Chevalier Training Centre
Day 3 was opened with prayer and reflection on the selected text led by Fr Ariel Galido MSC (Marshall Islands) and chaired by Fr Soane Fotutata MSC (Wallis & Futuna).

Each member of the Chapter shared their story and the experiences of their vocation journey in their ministry and apostolates. PHOTOS: (Left) Fr Albert Yelds msc - KPI Director and Assistant Leader at Teaoraereke Community, Kiribati.  (2) Br Kaake Ioane msc -  Director of Chevalier Hostel, Director of Formation, Fiji District Superior. (3) Fr Ariel shares - Parish Priest and Marshall Islands District Superior. 

PHOTOS: (1) Fr Soane Fotutata MSC (Chair of Day 3) - Parish Priest, Hihifo in Wallis. (2) Fr Keleto Lemo MSC (second on the left) - Teaoraereke Community Leader, Kiribati. (3) Br Iobi Aroito MSC (middle) - teacher at Santa Maria College, Kiribati. 


MSC PU Chapter - Day Two, Monday 28th November 2016

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RECOLLECTION: "We Love as Jesus Loved" - Fr Chris MacPhee MSC  ............ PU Superior Report presented........Group Discussion

GROUP 4: PRESENTATION - Fr Lomano Kauvaetupu 

GROUP 3: PRESENTATION - Fr Tavita Lemusu


MSC Pacific Union Chapter 2016 begins

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Sunday, 27th November 2016

The MSC Pacific Union Chapter is now officially opened at 5pm today. The opening ceremony begins with the Chapter Liturgy led by Fr Ponevetura Luatuanuu MSC.  Fr Ponevetura guided the members of the Chapter with the gospel reading of John 17:9-23, " that they may be one as we are one."  

As the Chapter began, Fr Tamati Sefo MSC (Pacific Union Superior) addressed the members of the Chapter with words of welcoming and acknowledging the presence of Fr Chris McPhee MSC ( Assistant General and representative of the General Superior), Fr Roy O'Neill MSC (Parish Priest - St.Paul's Parish, Nightcliff, NT, Australia). 

Picture: 1 - Fr Chris McPhee MSC (middle): Assistant General and representative of the Superior General
                 2 - Fr Roy O'Neill MSC (right): Facilitator of the PU Chapter
                3 - Fr Tamati Sefo MSC (right): PU Superior 
                4 - Fr Albert Yelds MSC: Australian Province, Director of Kiribati Pastoral Institute and Assistant Community leader Kiribati: Lighting the Chapter Candle. 


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The Formation Centre at Wailoku held a fundraising on Friday evening, 02nd April, 2016 for their contribution for medical and retirement fund. Family and friends in the Suva area together with quite a number of friends from St Agnes Parish were also there to support our scholastics.  Fr Pone (formator) thanked all those who came to support. We thank Fr Pone and the scholastics for their great efforts.

Deaconate Ordination of Beniata Bakatete, Epeli Lutua and Robati Tebaiuea

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On the 8th of May, 2016, the deaconate ordination of Deacon Beniata Bakatete MSC, Deacon Robati Tebaiuea MSC and Deacon Epeli Lutua MSC took place at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva.

The Cardinal, Soane Patita Mafi from Tonga ordained them in the absence of Bishop Peter Loy who is not well. There were 10 of them (deacons) altogether.

Cardinal Soane emphasized in his homily the importance of the call to service by proclaiming the word of God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit (Sacraments and prayer) and ministering the needs of the people of God (charity). A call to serve and not to be served." But never forget that walking in the footsteps of Jesus we must first be servants - servants of the people and servants of God,” he said.

The celebration went very well. A wonderful and beautiful singing was led by St Agnes Parish. We thank Fr Lopeti Manu MSC and the choir members of St Agnes Parish for making the efforts to sing prayerfully during the ordination. The family members of the newly ordained deacons and all our MSC confreres as well as many from our MSC parishes got together at Wailoku Formation Centre for lunch and some entertainment in the afternoon. We congratulate our newly ordained deacons and wish them all the best in their ministry of service in the Church.


Tropical Cyclone Winston - left 42 people died and homeless

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A severe Tropical Cyclone Winston category 5 hit Fiji on the 20th February 2016.  According to the Fiji Times Newspaper today,  the official death toll from TC Winston is still 42.  The number could be increased. TC Winston caused a severe damage to the infrastructure, water, electricity and communication .  The most severe and destructive areas are the small islands of the Lomaiviti, Lau Group, Taveuni, Ovalau , Koro, Vanua Levu and towards the northern and western parts of Viti Levu. Our conferes in the Fiji District are all safe and sound. We remember in our prayers  all the victims of TC Winston especially those who lost their lives. There is no doubt that TC Winston has left so many people homeless. (Pictures: Fiji Times Newspaper –Thursday 25th Feb, 2016.)


Induction Ceremony of MSC PU Prenovices 2016

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The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Pacific Union welcomed our prenovices of 2016 Neori Mataitini (Fiji), Andrew Ribauw Julson (Nauru) and Bwebwentetaake Kouen (Kiribati). The Induction ceremony was held at Sacred Heart House, Wailoku, on Monday evening 15th February 2016. Fr Tamati welcomed them on behalf of the Society. 
L-R: Br Tebweao Antonio (Prenovitiate Director), Neori Mataitini (Fiji), Andrew Ribauw Julson (Nauru), Bwebwentetaake Kouen (Kiribati) and Fr Tamati Sefo (PU Superior). 


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Brothers Beniata and Epeli made their Final Profession on the 6th February 2016 in the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church in Lomary, Fiji, on the 6th February 2016. Fr Tamati (PU Superior) presided the Eucharist and also received their Vows. We thank Br Beniata and Epeli for giving themselves totally to the Congregation and the Church. We thank their family especially the parents for nurturing these two young men. We thank the Formators who journeyed with them. We also thank Fr Patrick and the Parishioners of Our Lady of the Assumption (Lomary) for hosting this celebration. 

YouTube Video

                                                                       MSC Scholastics entertaining the crowds during the 
final profession celebration
at the Parish hall.

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Happy 25th Years Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession Frs Patrick, Soane and Simon Mani

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 On the  Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession of Frs Simon, Soane and Patrick at the MSC Formation Centre, Wailoku. .  The celebration began with a thanksgiving Mass led by Fr Patrick.  This was followed by a  Sevusevu, speeches, a meal and social.  In their speech, each jubilarian recalled their novitiate experiences.  Fr Patrick thanked the late Fr John Ikataere (their novice master) and Br Kaake who was one of their formators in the novitiate in Manoku, Abemama in Kiribati.  Fr Tamati was also shared words of thanks to Frs Patrick, Soane and Simon on behalf of the Chevalier Family for being great gifts themselves to the Society and to the Church. Thank you and Congratulations brothers.

Entertainment by the Novices during the 

the Silver Jubilee 

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