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  • FUNDRAISING FOR MEDICAL AND RETIREMENT FUND The Formation Centre at Wailoku held a fundraising on Friday evening, 02nd April, 2016 for their contribution for medical and retirement fund. Family and friends in the Suva area ...
    Posted 19 May 2016, 17:12 by MSCPU UDATESNEWS
  • Deaconate Ordination of Beniata Bakatete, Epeli Lutua and Robati Tebaiuea On the 8th of May, 2016, the deaconate ordination of Deacon Beniata Bakatete MSC, Deacon Robati Tebaiuea MSC and Deacon Epeli Lutua MSC took place at the Sacred Heart ...
    Posted 19 May 2016, 16:58 by MSCPU UDATESNEWS
  • Tropical Cyclone Winston - left 42 people died and homeless A severe Tropical Cyclone Winston category 5 hit Fiji on the 20th February 2016.  According to the Fiji Times Newspaper today,  the official death toll from TC Winston is still ...
    Posted 25 Feb 2016, 11:14 by Robati Tebaiuea MSC
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"Man with a mission, Jules Chevalier" -
 by James Cuskelly MSC.
It is people who make a society and give it its spirit: men like Chevalier, Piperon, Vandel
Vandel, Jouet and the rest. These men had taken as their motto "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved, forever!"  (Ametur ubique terrarium Cor Iesu Sacratissimum)....

...The day came which Fr.Chevalier had so longed for: a group of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart sailed for the missions of Oceania...
...The history of these missions has many heroic chapters. They have been written lovingly and with admiration in more than one account, in the Annals, in books and articles. They are still being written in the daily lives of hundreds of MSCs who live and work in <<Melanesia and Micronesia>>, in Indonesia, the Philippines, in Africa, Latin America and Japan....

One day say that a spirituality is formed. One might say more truly that the spirituality man is forged under the different influences which are brought to bear on him, so that he is fashioned into an instrument of God's will.

By means of these different influences a founder was being formed. But perhaps of more practical interest than the formative process is the founder's charism. Without going too deeply into the origins and meanings of the word "charism," we can sa
y that, for our purposes a charism may be described as:
<< A gift of the Spirit to an individual for the good of others... it brings him (the founder) to focus on some particular aspect of Jesus' life, leading him to follow Jesus and to serve others for his love in a particular way>>
  As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, we live our faith in the Father's love revealed in the Heart of Christ. We want to be like Jesus who love with a human heart; we want to love through him and with him and to proclaim his love to the world. - MSC Constitution # 10.